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Free E-Book: Getting Started with Writer  This E-Book focuses on Writer which is the word processor component of Apache OpenOffice. It covers most of the usual features of a word processor (spelling check, thesaurus, hyphenation, autocorrect, find and replace, automatic generation of tables of contents and indexes, mail merge and others) and will be useful as a reference guide when learning OpenOffice Writer.


Writer is the word processor component of (OOo) that lets you create and modify a variety of documents. OpenOffice Writer is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word as it provides you the same ability to create, style, save and print business documents in much the same way as you do in Microsoft Word.

OpenOffice Writer provides all the other usual features you’d expect of a word processor including the ability to enter and edit text, use spell check, use a thesaurus, hyphenate text, use autocorrect, use find and replace, utilize built-in drawing tools and automatic generation of tables of contents and indexes. Writer also supports some important advanced features such as mail merge, change tracking ability during revisions and database integration, including a bibliography database.

Writer makes it easy to create and style a variety of different types of business documents such as flyers, newsletters, brochures and reports by providing several page-layout methods, including frames, columns, and tables. Embedding or linking of graphics, spreadsheets, and other objects is also supported. You can also format your documents consistently and change the format with minimal effort by using styles.

Similar to Microsoft Word, Writer offers several types of built-in styles including characters, paragraphs, pages, frames, and lists. It also comes with an extensive Help system and comprehensive online support.

Some of the advantages of Writer is that it is supported on multiple platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux and Solaris), it’s free and you can save your files in multiple types of formats including some versions of Microsoft Word.

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