In 2015, there were 5,000 deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace in the EU. In the United States alone there were a total of 4,836 fatal workplace injuries in 2015 and approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private
industry employers according to  It really is so sad that people who are at work, trying to earn a good honest living, end up getting injured or even losing their life. It is often through no fault of their own and caused by laziness from management when it comes to providing a safe environment to work.

Of course, you may be reading this from a comfortable desk and think you are completely safe. The first thought that often comes in our minds when we think about accidents at work are manual labor jobs. While some industries are definitely more dangerous to work for than others, following some safety accident prevention steps is always a good idea, no matter what profession you are in.  It is also vital that management implement regular safety checks, even in office jobs, as people are injured and killed in office jobs every year.

Check out this infographic below courtesy of Hussey Fraser for a complete overview of accidents at work and you’ll find some helpful tips for implementing safety in your workplace.  One useful tip is to ask your team for suggestions for improving workplace safety as some employees are more aware of different types of hazards than others, depending on what job they perform on a daily basis. Make sure your office procedures include formal policies and procedures for accident prevention as this helps when accidents occur, according to the infographic.

Don’t simply assume you’re safe at work and always notify management of any safety risks in your building.

Accidents at work

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