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Managers keep searching for methods that can enhance the productivity and engagement of their employees. They try coaching and other motivational methods, they learn how to become a better manager and how to reach the members of their team in the best possible way. Also, they use software designed especially for the purpose of boosting the company’s performance.

There are several different types of such tools available but here we are going to focus on the time tracking software. This software, when installed on an office computer, allows users to track, monitor, and analyze the time they spend working on projects, and appropriately adjust to the workflow. Monitoring and analyzing their computer activity gives users the upper hand when it comes to finishing tasks and projects on time.

Why is Time Tracker needed?

Almost 90% of people admit in surveys that they waste time at work every day. 60% of them waste from 30 minutes to 1 hours. 16% waste approximately 2 hours, 6% roughly 3 hours, and the rest 4 hours and more. Such statistics clearly show that the problem is quite huge. Let’s say that a company has 25 employees and each one of them dedicates one hour a day to unproductive activities. This means that 125 hours a week are being wasted. How much money is that worth to an organization?

Time tracking software not only reduces the time wasted to an absolute minimum, it is usually equipped with features that enable users to set multiple projects, tasks, and subtasks; create invoices from timesheets, automate budgeting and billing, and much more. All these options make the job more pleasant and less stressful. Detailed reports of an employees tracked time will be a great aid to every manager.

How can Time Tracker help regular workers?

There are many ways. Time tracker offers clarity. By analyzing a week’s performance, users can establish both good and bad habits – find all the lapses and gaps and eliminate them. They will also be able to estimate the right amount of time needed to complete a task or a project.

With this information, users can modify their workflow to make it as efficient as possible. It should be much easier to set a productive schedule and follow it. Finally, time tracking software may significantly help those employees, who are dedicated to their work but for some reason did not manage to get a raise for quite some time. The data gathered by the tool can be the final argument in the negotiations with the boss.

Summing up

Employee time tracking software helps in forming positive habits. It reduces time wasted, boosts the productivity of everyone in the office, and makes the company grow. After all, time is money. The more we save it, the more we earn. When business develops, everyone benefits.

More on the topic can be found in this Extensive Guide to Time Tracking. If you are interested in time tracking software, you should definitely take a look at this!

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