Virtual Assistant Skills

The Work from Home industry is rapidly growing and more businesses are hiring virtual assistants as a cost effective way to get many tasks done and expand their productivity. This means more and more people are making their a dream of working at home a reality. While there is no formal education requirements to become a VA, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you will need more than just the skills required to handle the services you will be offering your clients.  You need to possess three essential virtual assistant skills that will be the key to your success and set you apart from others:

Virtual Assistant Skills

1. Business and Entrepreneurial Skills

You will need the business savvy to start and run your own business and the skills to find, get and keep clients.  As a business owner, all the decision making will come down to you so you have to be good at planning and organizing, setting office policies and procedures and setting and keeping goals.

Whole courses exist on just this subject and involve choosing your business name, business structure, business licensing, financing and marketing your business.  The Virtual Assistant Training offered on has a whole lesson dedicated to planning and setting up your virtual assistant business.

2. Hard Skills

You need hard skills like word processing, spreadsheets, email and calendar management or other specialized skills to perform the job and provide the services you’re offering.  For the virtual office professional, hard skills for the administrative assistant are the technical office skills, such as computer and technology skills, that you bring to your business.

Hard skills can be learned and can be acquired through training, work or a combination of both. To be really effective, ideally you should have at least two years of office experience behind you.   Knowledge of Google docs,  word templates, online calendars and cloud services like OneDrive or DropBox are a must. It will be virtually impossible to convince anyone to hire you if you have absolutely no office skills or office experience at all.

Finding your niche as a virtual assistant is taking a deep look at your hard skills and deciding which ones translate into services? One great way to get started is to take an inventory of your hard skills if you want to begin working online as a virtual assistant: While some experts recommend starting out as a generalist to discover what you enjoy doing, most agree that choosing a niche to specialize in early on is important.

3. Soft Skills

You will need soft skills (personal qualities) also called people skills that enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. These include problem solving, communication skills, listening skills, organizational skills and emotional intelligence such as the ability to show empathy to others.  Also, the ability to be adaptable and flexible is a necessary soft skill in todays ever changing job climate.  

One of the key ways to utilize your soft skills as a virtual assistant is to build good relationships with your clients. This begins from the minute your prospective clients find your services and contact you via your preferred method (email, phone or even in person). 

You can start by establishing a good rapport with your clients by showing a genuine interest in them. Start by asking them questions about themselves and their business.  Be careful to actively listen to what your client is saying by following some of the listening techniques you will learn in our virtual assistant online course.  If you build good relationships with your prospective clients, they are more likely to want to hire you as their VA.

As soft skills are considered just as, if not more, important than hard skills, all clients today want their VAs to have great soft skills and exhibit professionalism.  That’s why there is a whole lesson devoted to the soft skills you need as a virtual assistant in our Virtual Assistant Training course. Soft Skills Training for Administrative Professionals is also offered on

Virtual Assistant Training – Online Course

If you want to learn more about how to become a virtual assistant, the introductory online Virtual Assistant Training Course offered on, will teach you important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for providing virtual assistant services and getting started setting up a Virtual Assistant Business.

The course covers what a virtual assistant does, what skills are in demand today and how to discover your own niche offering.  This Virtual Assistant Training course will also teach you how to provide virtual assistant services including how to get and keep clients. Topics covered include how to find your niche service offering, set your rates, how to create a business plan and how to network and find clients.

The Virtual Assistant Online Course is just $95.00 and is taught in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom. The Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom is a fun and interactive way to learn Office Skills. Get the benefit of learning online while being in a classroom environment with an instructor, other students, discussion forums, chat rooms, lectures, presentations and video demonstrations.

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