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Artificial intelligence, such as the creation of AI tools, has impacted every sphere of business. And for the foreseeable future, we can safely say that AI is bound to be a massive part of the technology we use in industry. Besides empowering core functions such as manufacturing and services, AI has also transformed business support functions such as operations, administration, and marketing.

Administrative functions that require efficiency and productivity have significantly benefitted from the intelligent application of artificial intelligence. As a result, administrative professionals have expressed anxiety about losing job prospects due to AI tools. But the truth is, AI tools are here to assist – not replace human intelligence in administration.

Here are some of the pertinent advantages of using AI administration tools –

1.     Automation of Routine Tasks

Mundane and repetitive tasks like data entry, email management, and appointment scheduling often bog down administrative professionals. All these tasks can be automated using artificial intelligence, enabling them to focus on complex decision-making work.

2.     Better Collaboration and Communication

AI-powered tools can improve intra-team and inter-team communication. That can enhance collaboration among administrative professionals to create a positive environment.

3.     Streamlined Document Accessibility Compliance

In our age of diversity acceptance and inclusion, each document shared for administrative purposes should adhere to accessibility standards. AI-powered tools can offer automated document accessibility services. These tools can identify and rectify any potential accessibility issues before the document is shared.

4.     Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Integrating artificial intelligence into administrative processes can help streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve efficiency for the entire business.

5.     Virtual Assistance

Administrative professionals can improve their productivity and efficiency by using artificial intelligence administrative assistants. They can delegate mundane tasks like booking appointments and research to virtual assistants while freeing their time for more complex tasks.

6.     Personalization

Administrative professionals can use artificial intelligence to personalize services, communication, and customer recommendations. It will help improve customer experience and satisfaction.

7.     AI Tools help Reduce Error Rates

AI-powered tools can perform repetitive administrative tasks more accurately and quickly. Using AI tools can reduce errors and improve the delivery time for the entire executive team.

8.     Future Proof Your Career

AI is here to stay. In the future, businesses will want only to hire those administrative professionals who are familiar with, or at least willing to work with, the latest AI tools. Learning more about AI-powered tools in administration will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

What Can AI Do to Help in the AP Role?

Here’s a look at the different ways in which AI can help you improve your daily workflow.

1.     Take on Low-Priority Tasks

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence can create software and tools to take over all your low-priority tasks. Repetitive work, such as data entry, research, scheduling appointments etc., can be completed at the click of a button. It will free your time and mind space for more meaningful work.

2.     Ensuring ADA Compliance on All Your Documents

All the documents that are shared on behalf of your administrative team or behalf of the company – should be compliant with universal accessibility standards. Use AI tools to check all your documents to identify accessibility issues and ensure ADA compliance.

3.     Create Contracts

Artificial intelligence can help create, edit, share, and store contracts for your executives and key stakeholders. Contract automation tools quicken the process of contract creation and signing. AI tools can also notify relevant parties when it is time to renew a contract.

4.     AI Tools can Transcribe Video Meetings

There are various tools powered by machine learning and AI to convert long video conversations into text. Obtaining a transcript of a video meeting enables you to search the text for details and makes it easier to draft the meeting minutes.

5.     AI Tools can Create Slide Show Presentations

A perfect presentation can help you conduct better meetings and express your ideas clearly. Artificial intelligence software can help you create well-formatted slideshow presentations within minutes.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. As time passes, the integration of AI in our personal and professional lives will increase manifold. If you are an administrative professional looking to enhance your career, familiarise yourself with relevant AI administration tools and software. It will help you evolve as business processes evolve around you and improve your career growth.

Author Bio: Emilie Brown works with the Digital Marketing team at PREP, an AI-based remediation software that enables businesses to create WCAG and ADA-compliant PDFs in minutes. Her approach and methodology is simple, concise, and to the point and connect with readers seeking for solution-driven content on topics related to accessibility and remediation. Apart from her time at work, she loves to spend time with her dog, volunteer and play her guitar.

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