Benefits of Taking on Online Typing Course

Practice proper typing posture and techniqueOnline typing programs are a great way to practice your typing skills and test your typing speed.  The best thing about them is that they are 100% web based so there is no software that you need to purchase and install.   Taking an online typing course can help improve your typing speed and accuracy enabling you to get your work done more faster and efficiently.  Also, by improving your typing speed and accuracy, you will become more proficient using many of the popular software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Learning how to type properly will also make you more appealing to employers as most office and clerical jobs require at least 35-40 Words Per Minute (WPM) and executive and administrative assistants require in excess of 60 WPM.  As your speed and accuracy improves, you will be less likely to make errors and typos when keying documents.

It’s practically impossible to be proficient using Microsoft Word if you don’t know how to type properly as you need a certain level of typing speed and accuracy before you can learn how to properly and efficiently format a variety of professional documents such as business letters and memos.  As you become more proficient in typing, your reading, spelling, punctuation, and proofreading skills will also improve.

It’s never too late to learn how to type and offers online typing classes for adults, teens and kids using the Edutyping software. The EduTyping software is easy-to-use software that will teach you how to touch-type on a standard QWERTY keyboard.  Edutyping is a 100% web-based online technology so the course is completely online and you only need access to the Internet using a major browser. By completing the course lessons, skill builders, reinforcements and exercises, and utilizing all of features included within EduTyping, you will be well on your way to learning one of the most valuable skills of your life – learning how to type.

What You’ll Learn in your Online Typing Course

PROPER POSTURE:  The EduTyping software will teach you how to demonstrate proper posture and technique when you are typing.  Exercising proper posture and technique will allow you to maintain a steady, comfortable pace while typing at your keyboard.

Proper typing posture & technique lesson in Edutyping

COURSE LESSONS:  The Course Lessons is where you will spend most of your  time learning how to type. The Course Lessons Menu is divided into two units, each containing a series of sequential lessons that will teach you the skill of touch-typing at the keyboard.

Learning how to type online using Edutyping Software on

PRACTICE LIBRARY, SKILLBUILDING AND REINFORCEMENT LESSONS:  The Reinforcement section provides you  with additional skill building and keyboarding practice.  The Reinforcement lessons are designed to be completed sequentially after you have completed the corresponding lessons from within the Course Lessons section.  The Practice Library is also a great place to reinforce your typing skills and warm-up before taking the timed writing tests

Skill Building and Reinforcement lessons using Edutyping keyboarding software of

TIMED WRITING PRACTICE AND MY PROGRESS:  You’ll build up speed using 30 second, one, two, three and five minute speed drills that measure your speed and accuracy.  You can also track your completion progress, Words Per Minute (WPM ) and accuracy scores, and results on your timed writing tests in the MY PROGRESS section. The MY PROBLEM KEYS section tracks and identifies the keys you are having difficulty mastering and provides a list of recommended lessons for you to repeat to practice to correct your problem keys.

Timed Writings on your keyboarding course in Edutyping keyboarding software on

GAMES:  Of course, you’ll also want to have some fun!  The Games section includes a variety of fun, interactive games that reinforce typing skills. The Games section is designed to give you  a break from the typing lessons and as the games data is not tracked or saved, it won’t impact your typing scores.

Playing games in your typing program using Edutyping software on

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