Student Testimonials

“I have really enjoyed your course. It has taught me a lot of useful tips from good phone etiquette to handling customers. I will be taking more classes from you in the future”.Kylie Dixon

I am grateful I was able to find this online course. It was such a refresher for my staff and myself. Although we have been in the same practice for over 10 years, we were forgetting some of the basics in how to give out better customer service. And this online course was perfect for us!” Norma Dominguez

“I have truly enjoyed this online course. It taught me a lot about how to take messages the correct way, how to handle angry customers, the different body language that people give off, the way that you answer the phone for a potential client will tell if they want to do business with your company or not. Dawn, you made this course fun and enjoyable. The material was easy to follow, and it gave real life situations on how to handle individuals. You are a great Instructor. I will definitely go back and review all of the different topics covered.” Leticia Carter

“I enjoyed taking the General Receptionist Online Course. It provided me with a lot of useful information. The part that I learnt from the most talked about irate customers and how to handle them. Before reading up on that section I was always a bit unsure on how to deal with such clients and how to best assuage them, especially since not everything worked for each and everyone of them. Ms Bieser is an excellent teacher, responded promptly to any concerns I had and provided valuable feedback on all my homework. Thank you,” Tanja Radinovich

“I really enjoyed the course and thought it contained a lot of valuable information.” Lisa McPeek.

 I’ve enjoyed the class greatly! Rhaven Walker

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