Let’s accept it. Remote working is the way forward.

You ask your friend or a random person in the street if they are willing to work from home or anywhere in the world — I bet most of them will say YES to your offer.

In fact, several surveys show that every year more and more people are doing remote work.Technology has made digital communication and collaboration easy and possible.

Distance is no longer a barrier to collaboration Thanks to technologies which allow us to communicate and work with your colleagues in real time even if they are spread across the globe.

But with all the freedom that they enjoy we can’t help wondering, “Are remote workers really happier than those who are working in the office?”

To shed light to this question, TinyPulse surveyed 509 employees in the US who are into remote working. They compared them with benchmarks calculated from responses from over 200,000 employees across all work arrangements.

Here are some interesting results.

How happy are you at work?

On a scale of 1 to 10, ‘Remote workers’ got an 8.10 score while ‘All workers’ only had 7.42.

Why do employees work remotely?

Most remote workers (41%) said that they enjoy the freedom of choosing when or where to work, however only 8% answered that they don’t like working in an office.

Check this infographic from Time Doctor to see more of the results.



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