There may come a time in your lives when you need to reassess and determine if your current career is still working for you. You may have originally taken your job for the money, or because it used to be a passion of yours, but it no longer is. It’s important to make this assessment in order to feel fulfilled in the work you do. If you’re unsure about your current career, here are some themes you should revisit:

Your Interests

What is it that interests you now? Are you interested in math, or is it something that absolutely bores you? Does the thought of writing excite you creatively, or do you dread it? Make a list of the things that currently spark your interest. Ask your friends and family what they think interests you. Comparing these lists can give you a better idea of if the job you currently have generally interests you, or maybe not at all. If you’re struggling to start that list, try a to figure out what motivates you.

Your Skills

Determining what you’re good at will help you figure out if the career you’re currently in is the right fit for you, or if you could benefit from a career change. You could determine that you’re overqualified for the current position you’re in, or that your skills fit better in another type of role. It’s crucial to figure out the combination of skills you do hold, so that you can be happy in your career and make money at the same time.

Never Stop Networking

Networking shouldn’t stop once you’re settled into your career. Go to those local networking events and maintain an updated LinkedIn profile. You never know who you’re going to meet, or maybe you’ll learn about a career you never even knew existed. If you’re unsure about how to network yourself, take the time to work on those skills. They might be the most important skills you’ll ever need.

Secondary Education

In the process of your career reassessment, you may discover that in order to reach the promotion you desire, or to break into another industry, you’ll have to seek secondary education. The thought of going back to school can be overwhelming due to its time commitment and the extra expense, but don’t let this hold you back. There are affordable online colleges that you can attend for further education, especially if you want to continue working and require flexibility in your schedule.

Salary Issues 

Sometimes you need to reassess your current salary. Are you working long hours with little work/life balance, but making good money? Are you in your preferred career path, but don’t feel you’re being compensated enough? These are incredibly important factors to give closer attention to. This assessment will be different for everyone and will require you to prioritize what’s specifically important.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over 

Throughout your reassessment of your career, you may discover that you aren’t currently where you want to be. Maybe it’s the location, the career itself, or any number of factors that make you feel that it’s no longer working for you. Don’t let the idea of change scare you off. Many successful people changed their careers later in life, and it could possibly be the best decision you’ll ever make.


If you do decide to start over or try for a promotion, preparing for your interview is crucial. Reexamine the way you interviewed in the past, and determine what worked for you and what didn’t. Have ideas in mind for questions you know the interviewer will ask, but don’t over-prepare and psych yourself out. Regardless of the industry, it’s important to show up looking your best. Invest in some nice, professional clothes or even rent a suit  or dress if you need to. Utilize your current skills and work on the ones you need to develop, and bring both of those to the interview.

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