Introduction to Apache Open Office Software


Free OpenOffice Tutorials

These free OpenOffice tutorials are designed for anyone who is interested in making the shift from Microsoft Office to Boost your confidence with this free open source software and get a head start on your career. Learn how to create impressive business documents with OpenOffice Writer, attractive presentations using Impress, spreadsheets using Calc and databases using Base.


Knowledge of Keyboarding..


  • You will need to download the latest version of the Open Office Suite at the following link:
  • Adobe Flash Player so you can view the Video Lessons (if available). You can download the latest version at the following link: Adobe Flash Player.
  • Adobe Reader to view pdf presentation files if available at the following link: Adobe Reader Download

Recommended Text:.

Free E-Book: Getting Started with 4.1 (Use this E-Book for information on how to install and set-up the Open Office Suite.)

Exercise Files: Download from if required


At the completion of these tutorials, students will be able to:

  • Learn about the power of open source software
  • Create business documents with Writer
  • Create an engaging and interactive presentation with Impress
  • Create a database for your business with Base
  • Create spreadsheets, charts and graphs with Calc


INTRODUCTION TO OPENOFFICE WRITER: Learn about OpenOffice Writer and why it may be useful in your business, school or for your personal use.

THE WRITER USER INTERFACE: Learn how to start Writer and get an overview of the Writer interface including the menus and toolbars.

CREATING AND EDITING A WRITER DOCUMENT – THE BUSINESS LETTER: Learn how to create a new Blank Document and display non printing characters by using the Show/Hide Symbol. Learn how to insert text in a document, use the Enter key, set line spacing, display the Ruler, use Writer’s Word Wrap feature, check and change your document margins, save your work using the Save As command using Writer’s native.ODT File Format


CREATING AND DELIVERING A PRESENTATION: Get an overview of Impress by creating a basic presentation. Learn how to navigate the Impress Window, insert text in a slide, use the Master Design themes, use the Impress toolbars, insert multi-bulleted lists, choose a slide layout, save your presentation and run your slideshow.