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Online keyboarding for kids classes are back again this summer with even more cool lessons and features from In addition to learning how to type, kids can now learn Computer Basics and Digital Literacy all in the same course.

Computer Basics and Digital Citizenship Units

The Computer Basics unit teaches students the basics of technology, including the parts of a computer, how to click and scroll using a mouse, and proper behavior for working in a computer lab.

The Digital Citizenship unit teaches students the basics of appropriately and safely using technology, including rules for acceptable online behavior, cyberbullying, email manners, and more. It is recommended that students complete Computer Basics prior to completing this unit.

The Lesson content for both the Computer Basics unit and the Digital Citizenship unit is first presented in short, narrated videos. These colorful and engaging animated videos offer a fun and informative way for students to learn the lesson’s key concepts. Students are next prompted to read each lesson’s content presented in a clear, graphically-illustrated text format that uses meaningful images to enhance and develop their understanding.

There are optional downloadable practice PDF worksheets to reinforce lesson content and prepare students for the lesson quiz using a variety of supporting activities such as True and False, word searches, matching activities, and more. Students finish each lesson by completing a brief, multiple choice quiz that tests their knowledge of the key concepts presented in the lesson.

Kids Keyboarding Unit

The actual Online Keyboarding for Kids – Learning to Type unit introduces students to proper touch typing technique, posture, and finger placement on the keyboard. So that students develop good keyboarding habits, it is essential that students learn these techniques from the onset of beginning the EduTyping keyboarding lessons. It is recommended that students complete Computer Basics and Digital Citizenship prior to completing this unit.

The kids keyboarding class is a junior level keyboarding self-paced course that is appropriate for elementary (K3-5) school students and is perfect for summer classes or the home schooler. The keyboarding curriculum introduces new keys by rows where students first learn the middle row, then the top row, and the bottom row of the keyboard.

Online Keyboarding for Kids

Teen Keyboarding Online Course

The teens keyboarding self-paced course is appropriate for students at the middle school and high school level (grades 6 – 12). The curriculum follows a standard keyboarding instructional format where students are introduced to new keys based on frequency of use in the English language.  Teens will learn the proper techniques and finger strokes for maximum typing speed and accuracy which will help prepare them for college or careers.

Kids typing program

The content of both courses  is designed with a strong focus on sight and high frequency words. The course lessons  consists of a comprehensive curriculum complete with lessons and timed writings that align with national keyboarding standards.

Students can check their progress with real-time results displaying what lessons have been completed, their WPM, and accuracy percentage for each lesson. Students will be motivated as they earn stars and badges as their typing progress and skills increase. Typing progress is always visible from the dashboard, typing screen, and the My Progress page.  In addition, students can display real-time results of which keys are causing them the most problem(s).

Students love picking their own themes and lesson skins to match their personality — According to, it’s even been proven to stop them from looking down at their fingers as they type!

Online Keyboarding Progress

For practice, students get to enjoy typing interesting articles that are fun to read, type, and are relevant to their age/grade level including news articles that are making headlines relevant to teens and tweens.  Students can also take a break from their lessons and play some of the engaging games while still reinforcing their keyboarding skills.  Typing games are a great way for students to warm up their hands and fingers, learn eye-hand coordination, and increase their speed and accuracy.

Online keyboarding games

We license our keyboarding software from Edutyping,  a revolutionary web-based keyboarding software designed exclusively for the educational market that is currently used in over 3,500 schools and districts across the country!  The software is completely green and requires no installation,  no textbooks or paper.

The Kids and Teens keyboarding online courses are in addition to the regular beginning keyboarding online course currently offered on  All keyboarding classes are $49.00 and students can take up to 6 months to complete their keyboarding training.

Kids Online Keyboarding Classes

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With the exception of the online keyboarding classes, these courses are taught in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom. The Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom is a fun and interactive way to learn Office Skills. Get the benefit of learning online while being in a classroom environment with an instructor, other students, discussion forums, chat rooms, lectures, presentations and video demonstrations.


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