Office Skills Online Classes

Office skills online classes begin again this week on  Each course includes 6 to 8 weekly lessons that includes an assignment and quiz that require students to demonstrate their knowledge as it pertains to each subject area.  All courses are hosted in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom which is a fun and interactive way to learn Office Skills. Get the benefit of learning online while being in a classroom environment with an instructor, other students, discussion forums, lectures, presentations and video demonstrations.  All office skills short courses are just $95.00 and bundled courses are $195.00 and include 3 different courses.

All office skills online classes are real classes, not just video tutorials. All classes will include hands-on practice exercises, skill builders and assignments you can upload to receive feedback from your instructor. Learn at your own pace and when it is convenient for you with our Anytime, Anywhere policy.  All courses are listed below and you can sign up for any of the office skills courses here.

Office Skills Online Classes

Administrative Office Professional Bundled Course ($195.00)

The administrative office professional bundled course will help students examine the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce as an administrative office professional including, keyboarding, ethics, communication, teamwork, problem solving and creating written documentation using microsoft word.

Learn how to become an administrative assistant online and develop the essential soft skills and office skills required in business. Throughout your online courses, you’ll learn how to create professional business documents, like letters, memos and reports. Your administrative professional bundle includes:

  • Beginning Keyboarding
  • Soft Skills for Administrative Professionals
  • Creating Business Documents with Word.

To review the Administrative Office Professional curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Administrative Office Professional enrollment page.

Virtual Office Assistant Training $95.00

In this introductory online Virtual Office Assistant Training Course you will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for providing virtual assistant services and getting started setting up a Virtual Assistant Business. The course covers what a virtual assistant does, what skills are in demand today and how to discover your own niche offering.  This Virtual Assistant Training course will also teach you how to provide virtual assistant services including how to get and keep clients. Topics covered include how to find your niche service offering, set your rates, how to create a business plan and how to network and find clients.

To review the Virtual Office Assistant curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Virtual Assistant Training page.

Telephone Etiquette & Customer Service Skills ($95.00)

Telephone Etiquette E-learning Course

This online Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Skills course teaches students the importance of telephone etiquette and the role it plays in creating a favorable impression on customers. Students learn the most basic, but most important time tested techniques in handling phone calls.  Students also learn how to manage a call from beginning to end, including how to professionally greet the customer, how to build rapport, express empathy when needed and how to show appreciation and professionally end the call.  Taking messages and using voicemail is also explored.  Students will also gain some important soft skills required in business such as active listening, communication skills and how to deal with difficult and angry customers.   To review the telephone etiquette and customer service skills curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Skills enrollment page.

Receptionist Bundled Online Course ($195.00)

Receptionist Online Course - Office Skills

The Receptionist Online Bundled Course will help you obtain the basic office skills and soft skills necessary to perform professionally and efficiently the daily duties required of a general receptionist.   The Receptionist Bundled Online Course prepares students with the practical office skills, computer skills and soft skills needed to enter the business world of the 21st Century. These receptionist courses will help students discover and master the essentials of managerial and staff support including general receptionist soft skills, keyboarding, essential telephone etiquette skills and creating business documents using Microsoft word.

To review the Receptionist Online Course  curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Receptionist Online Course enrollment page.

Soft Skills Training for the Administrative Professional $95.00

Soft Skills Training Course

The goal of this soft skills training course is to teach you the essential soft skills required of an administrative professional in business that will enhance your personal interactions and lead to greater job satisfaction and performance. Identified as essential employability skills, soft skills, also called personal qualities or people skills, are highly desired by employees in today’s workplace. These skills will not only help you find a job, but when gained, will help you perform better in the workplace.

Students also learn the five steps to problem solving using critical thinking skills and recognizing the importance of time management.  Understanding the importance of teamwork and how to become a team player is also explored as well as ways to cope with change and how to become more adaptable and flexible at work.  To review the Soft Skills Training Course curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Soft Skills Training Course enrollment page.

Beginning Online Keyboarding Course $49.00

Practice proper typing posture and technique

This self-paced beginning online keyboarding course is for you if you want to learn touch-typing or improve your existing typing skills. You’ll use the EduTyping program, a typing tutorial designed for personal computers using Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, to learn how to touch-type. Students who successfully complete this course will learn how to touch-type quickly and efficiently on a QWERTY keyboard.  To review the keyboarding curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Keyboarding Online Course enrollment page.

Creating Professional Business Documents with Word $95.00

Creating Business Documents with Word

This course teaches you how to create professional looking business documents using the latest version of Word. It covers beginning-level skills, and is ideal for Office Assistants, Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, Virtual Assistants or the beginning user who wants to become well versed in Word.  Topics introduced include a complete overview of the Word interface, mail merge, how to create letters, memos, reports and flyers using Tables. The Ribbon interface, working with character and paragraph formatting, printing, using proofreading tools, creating bulleted and numbered lists, and tables will all be explored. Includes the Creating Business Documents with Word E-book.  To review the Creating Business Documents with Word curriculum and to register for the course, visit the Creating Business Documents Word Course enrollment page.

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A certificate of completion is awarded for all those who successfully complete the entire curriculum for each course.  This course is taught in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom. The Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom is a fun and interactive way to learn Soft Skills. Get the benefit of learning online while being in a classroom environment with an instructor, other students, discussion forums, chat rooms, lectures, presentations and video demonstrations. You may view all the office skills courses here.


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