This Soft Skills Training for Administrative Professionals course will teach you the essential soft skills required of an administrative professional in business that will enhance your personal interactions and lead to greater job satisfaction and performance. Identified as essential employability skills, soft skills, also called personal qualities or people skills,  are highly desired by employees in today’s workplace.  These skills will not only help you find a job, but when gained, will help you perform better in the workplace.

What are soft skills and why are they important?

Soft Skills TrainingSoft skills are personal qualities or people skills that allow one to more effectively relate to others.  Unlike hard skills, which are applied towards specific types of jobs, such as an Administrative Assistant or Receptionist, soft skills traditionally aren’t taught in adult education or career training programs. They are, however, considered just as, if not more, important than hard skills. Some soft skills include having a positive attitude, effective time management, the ability to work on a team and how well you communicate.

Course Objectives

This soft skills training course includes 8 weekly lessons and focuses on the most important soft skills for the administrative office professional. At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between soft skills and hard skills. Understand the importance of empathy and how to act with professionalism.
  • Become aware of ethics in the workplace, how to maintain a positive attitude and build a solid work ethic by finding gratitude and value in the job you are doing.
  • Develop essential communication skills and describe the six communication methods used today. Students will also become aware of the barriers to good communication and how to overcome them.
  • Understand the importance of why you should listen and describe the four elements of good listening. Students will also become aware of the barriers to good listening and apply ways to actively listen and improve their listening skills.
  • Describe what is a positive and professional attitude and identify what impacts ones attitude. Understand the five steps to transmitting a positive attitude and identify ways to improve ones attitude.
  • Apply the five steps to problem solving using critical thinking skills and recognize the importance of time management
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and how to become a team player. Become aware of team dynamics, team development and different personality types one can encounter when working on a team.
  • Look at ways to cope with change and how to become more adaptable and flexible at work.

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This course is taught in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom. The Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom is a fun and interactive way to learn Soft Skills. Get the benefit of learning online while being in a classroom environment with an instructor, other students, discussion forums, chat rooms, lectures, presentations and video demonstrations.


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