The Step-by-Step Colorful Guide to Creating Professional Business Documents with Office 365 Word.

Thinking of starting a career as an Office Professional in 2019?  Want to get a kick-start on your Office Skills?  In This step by step guide to Creating Professional Business Documents, you learn everything you need to know to hit the ground running day 1 and start cranking out professional looking business collateral.

Longtime Office Skills Instructor, Dawn Bieser demonstrates techniques and shows you a road map to quickly build and enhance your office skills.

This e-book is perfect for the beginning Office Skills professional or anyone who wants to learn the practical skills required to work in an office, such as the Office Assistant, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant or Virtual Assistant.

The goal of this e-book is not just to teach you how to use Microsoft Word but to show you how to properly format and type professional looking business documents for use in business. Topics covered include studying the different parts of business documents and learning how to properly create and format them in Word. The Ribbon interface, selecting and editing text, printing, using Word’s built-in proofreading tools, creating bulleted and numbered lists, inserting and styling tables and adding and styling images are just some of the topics explored.

What’s in this e-book?

  • Creating business documents with Office 365 WordHow to find your way around the Word Interface
  • Learning business letter formats, major parts of a business letter and how to properly format them in Microsoft Word
  • Hands-on step-by-step practice lessons
  • How to edit business documents using Word’s built-in tools
  • How to create memos and attachments
  • How to use Word’s built-in Proofing tools
  • How to format simple business reports and apply styles and themes to your documents
  • How to create attractive flyers using tables and pictures