Guest post by David Keane, Director of Davitt Corporate Partners Ltd

Are you emotionally intelligent? Recent studies have revealed that employers are more interested in your emotional intelligence over your competency of the job itself. Employers are looking for someone who will mesh well with others as well follow direction and are approachable to teach. Emotional intelligence has been defined as having the capability to classify and comprehend their own emotions as well as the impact of their emotions on behavior & attitudes. If you have high levels of emotional intelligence, you can understand both your emotions and the emotions of others.

Davitt Corporate Partners created an ultimate guide to emotional intelligence which you can see displayed in the infographic below. Emotional intelligence is important for so many reasons including to help with your mental well-being, your physical health, your relationships, conflict resolution and leadership success. To find out how emotional intelligence can help you, keep reading!

Do you think your emotional intelligence levels affect you at work? How so? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Emotional Intelligence Infographic


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