Just in time for summer break, officeskills.org is now offering  newly-designed, grade-by-grade kids keyboarding classes built to address the unique learning objectives of students at each specific grade levels from kindergarten to Grade 5.

The software we license, Edutyping, has realized that Kindergarten students are very different than fifth graders and the way they learn the skill of typing should be as well.  That’s why they’ve created new, creative curriculum based on their age, skill level, reading comprehension and motor and dexterity skills.

The new curriculum has a new interactive interface designed to introduce new keys in a simplified graphical format.  Each lesson begins with engaging new instructional videos helping students create a strong association with the keys on the keyboard and real-life characters.  This helps keep the students engaged and interested in their typing lessons.

Kids Keyboarding by Grade Level

Edutyping uses a unique row-by-row approach to learning to type, where students learn and master the middle row before progressing to the top and bottom rows with an abundance of drill-and-practice, review, and reinforcement lessons to help them along the way.

The elementary keyboarding curriculum also includes a Digital Literacy unit that teaches students the basics of technology, including Computer Basics, Digital Citizenship, and Learning to Type so students really get it that learning to type properly is important.  For example, the Learning to Type unit introduces students to proper touch typing techniques, posture, and finger placement on the keyboard to help them develop good keyboarding habits before beginning their EduTyping keyboarding lessons.

Kids Keyboarding by Grade Level

These junior level kids keyboarding self-paced courses are appropriate for elementary school students and are perfect for summer classes or the home schooler.

We license our keyboarding software from Edutyping, a revolutionary web-based keyboarding software designed exclusively for the educational market that is currently used in over 3,500 schools and districts across the country! The software is completely green and requires no installation, no textbooks or paper. The EduTyping software includes all of the necessary lessons, tools, and exercises to effectively introduce and teach K-12 students the basics of touch-typing technique and skills. Students who successfully complete a course in keyboarding will learn how to touch-type quickly and efficiently on a QWERTY keyboard.

Self-paced courses allow students to work on the course material at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them. Students have up to six months to complete any course and can print out their own certificates when they reach different milestones in the course.

The Kids and Teens keyboarding online courses are offered in addition to the regular beginning keyboarding online course currently offered on officeskills.org.  All kids keyboarding classes are only $49.99 and you can sign up for them on our Kids Keyboarding Classes page.  When registering, select the appropriate grade level upon check-out.

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