By Kathryn Morris, Lifestyle Blogger

If you work in an office environment, you probably spend upward of eight hours every day sitting in front of a monitor gnawing away at tasks. Besides the physical strain to your back and neck muscles (from sitting in the same position for hours), office work can also be very mentally draining. In fact, without the right office layout, every new working day can leave you feeling more mentally drained than the previous one. A well-designed office, on the other hand can have a significant positive impact on your productivity as well as that of your employees.

A good office layout which provides your employees with quick and easy access to everything they require makes them more efficient and productive since time is not wasted on procuring these office resources. Making the office space comfortable and visually appealing can also increase the morale of your employees and make them more motivated at work. It goes without saying that motivated employees perform better at work than those lacking in it. Furthermore, if your business frequently receives visits from clients, a well-designed office will make a strong impression on them and may even motivate them to refer your business to potential clients.

There are a good number of ways in which you can spruce up your office. However, the work can be very time consuming so you may need to hire specialist interior designers to achieve best results in a shorter timeline. Here are a few ways you can improve the design and efficiency of your office space.

Creative Use Of Colour

With the right colour-scheme combinations you can greatly enhance the design of your office space without spending too much. For best results, cover all the walls with the same colour of paint or if you’re feeling particularly daring and experimental you can have a contrasting colour on one of the walls to accent the others. Bright colours work best for office walls since they give off an inspirational, cheery vibe which will energize and motivate your employees.

Comfortable Office Furniture

Even for the most motivated employee, uncomfortable chairs and desks put a strain on their muscles which is very difficult to ignore and may actually hinder their performance in the office. When purchasing office furniture, invest in sturdy chairs with good back support and comfortable seats and arm rests. If they are adjustable, even better. A rule of thumb for office desks is that they should be big enough to hold your employees’ work stations and small enough to fit in the office without taking up all the space. Also, consider working with bold colours for the office furniture, as this will add to the contrast and make them stand out.

Add Plants To The Office Interior Décor

Most people already grow plants at home for aesthetic value. You can likewise add some colourful potted plants in the office to improve the ambience and give your employees and visiting clients a homely feel in the office. If your office is located in a place where natural light cannot properly reach plants to allow them to grow properly, you can instead work with artificial plants which will achieve more or less the same results.
Fertile Frog office


Untidy offices are often one of the biggest hindrance to performance and creativity for most employees. Ideas don’t flow naturally when one has a huge pile of clutter on their work station and around their desk. Ensure all your office works stations are tidied up and all pieces of unusable paper and other clutter are disposed of. You can also digitize all your storage of files in order to be more efficient on space and reduce office clutter.

Having a well-designed office space that puts these ideas in practice will greatly increase your employees’ performance which will translate into results for your business. Try them out today to maximize the potential of your office space.
By Kathryn Morris, Lifestyle Blogger


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