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Why add Public Holidays to your Outlook Calendar?

Setting the stage for managing an efficient Outlook Calendar for your boss or executive starts with adding all known, non negotiable events, which includes public holidays and even school holidays if your executive has children. Knowing how to add holidays to your Outlook Calendar is the key to calendar efficiency and will save you oodles of time from having to reschedule future meetings that are clashing with these important dates.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to a job or have been doing your current job for some time, setting the proper structure for the calendars you manage by making sure the public holidays are observed first before moving on to scheduling meetings is a time saving tip you don’t want to avoid.  By not adding these non negotiable annual events to your calendar, these days will show up as free and you stand the risk of wasting time and humiliation by issuing a meeting notice on one of these days.  

Unfortunately, these important dates are not visible in both Outlook or Google calendars so you have to import them manually.  Luckily, there is an “Add Holiday” feature in Outlook that can quickly add the holidays for you.  What public holidays you add to yours and your executives calendars will depend on several factors so, before you begin, you need to be aware of the following:

  • What country does your executive reside in?
  • Where is your company head quartered?
  • Where is your executive’s boss and/or team located?
  • Is your company global?  

As you can see, there’s a lot to be aware of so adding the correct holidays for the executive and team you support is essential.  For simplicities sake though, let’s use the US National Holiday Dates and add them to our Outlook Calendar.  Once you learn how to do this for the US, you should be able to add them for any of the countries listed.

How to Add Holidays to your Outlook Calendar?

In this example, we’ll add the USpublic holidays to our Outlook Calendar.  The following is a list of the US National Holiday Dates for 2024.

Date    Holiday
Monday, January 1st  New Year’s Day
Monday, January 15thMartin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, February 19thWashington’s/Presidents Day
Monday, May 27thMemorial Day
Wednesday, June 19thJuneteenth
Thursday, July 4thUS Independence Day
Monday, September 2ndLabor Day
Monday, October 14thColumbus Day
Monday, November 11thVeterans’ Day
Thursday, November 28thThanksgiving Day
Wednesday, December 25thChristmas Day
  1. Open your Outlook Calendar and then click the File Tab > Options> Calendar
  2. Under Calendar options, click “Add Holidays
How to add holidays to your Outlook Calendar?

3. Check the box for each country’s holidays you want to add to your calendar, in this case, we’ve selected US, then click OK.

How to Add Holidays to your Outlook Calendar.

4. Outlook will auto-populate the calendar with the public holidays for all the locations you’ve selected.  Here is an example of the US Holidays for March, 2024.

Outlook Calendar with Holiday populated.

You will need to follow this procedure for all the calendars you support. The easiest way to do this is to copy all the relevant public holidays from your calendar to the calendar of the executives you support. While not demonstrated here, it’s possible to drag and drop each holiday from your calendar to your boss or executives calendar.

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