Did you know that most of today’s Resumes/CVs are likely to go into a Resume/CV database and some of these databases contain millions of resumes?  As this process is automated, job postings will reflect the exact wording and phrases of the Job description and consequently, these are the words and phrases that recruiters use when searching these databases.  According to LinkedIn 72% of CVs aren’t even looked at says Stephen Prichard in his blog on 15 Tips To Make Sure Your CV Gets Seen. According to the article, this is because software used by recruiters and hiring managers can mistakenly decide your CV isn’t relevant for the position, preventing your CV from ever getting in their hands.

Identifying keywords specific to your line of work is now critical in order for your Resume/CV to get seen.  The best way to do this is to perform a job search on career websites for your primary job description that you are qualified to do.  Some experts recommend examining at least six different job postings so you can identify common job titles, skills required, needs, experience and most importantly, the words (keywords) they use to describe the job.  Keep in mind that some job postings can be vague, so be sure to include any specific skills and responsibilities that you know are mandatory for the job.

So once you have identified your primary job postings and all the relevant keywords, how do you prepare your Resume/CV so it actually gets looked at by recruiters?   The team at Adzuna have put together a list of Dos and Don’ts for getting your Resume/CV past the Automated Tracking System and into the hands of the hiring manager.  See the details in the infographic shown below and explained in detail here.

Get Your Resume and CV Seen

Infographic courtesy of Stephen Prichard at Adzunza


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