For people living with disabilities, there are many day-to-day situations which pose a real challenge, such as getting around and trying to negotiate multi-storey buildings. Logistical difficulties such as these also make it harder for disabled people to find work, as employers could be hesitant to hire someone who would struggle with the physical demands of the job. That said, employers who discriminate against candidates on the grounds of disability could be subjected to court action if a case is taken against them.

This infographic from Burning Nights has some sound advice for people with disabilities who are actively seeking employment. There may need to be an acceptance that some jobs are out of the question due to the physical exertion they would involve or the need to travel regularly. Ideally, they would find a job which enables them to work from home and involves relatively little stress. It also helps to work for a company which has a proven track record in being highly accessible for people with disabilities.

If a disabled candidate secures an interview, it’s generally a good idea to at least inform the employer of their disability so that convenient arrangements can be made. For example, the interview could have been initially scheduled for a room several storeys above ground level, but if the employer knew of the candidate’s physical limitations, they could switch it to a ground floor location or even organise a VoIP interview.

Find out how jobseekers with disabilities can improve their chances of securing employment by reading the infographic below.

Getting a job with a disability (infographic)