As schools struggle to get online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and teachers are seeking resources to create online curriculum, those teaching office technology may find some of the tutorials already created on useful and time-saving resources.   If you’re looking for some free Office Skills Tutorials or Microsoft Office Tutorials for Office 2016, the blog is a great resource, especially if you or your students need to learn business document creation from home.

These tutorials are freely available and cover office skills subjects such as business document creation, spreadsheets and presentations.    For example, many times we’re asked the question of how to properly format a business letter and this is answered in the “How to Format a Business Letter” tutorial which is one of several tutorials that covers creating professional looking business documents using Office 365, Word 2016.

In the Word 2016 Tutorials category, students can learn how to Create a Traditional Memo with an Attachment and How to Format a Simple Report.  Students can also learn how to create their own Resume in Word 2016 using Tables and How to Set up a Mail Merge.

In the Excel 2016 Tutorials category,  students can learn how to enter and organize data, create formulas and functions, build charts and other useful time-saving features and techniques. Those needing to improve their Excel skills may also want to try inserting and formatting Excel Charts in our Charting your Way to Better Excel Charts tutorial or practicing their formulas in the Getting Started with Excel Formulas Part 1 and Getting Started with Excel Formulas and Functions Part 2 tutorials.

In the PowerPoint 2016 Tutorials category, students can learn everything from Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation from scratch, where they’ll learn how to insert and resize online pictures, to adding Audio and Video to spice up their presentations.

You can find the direct links to the many of the free tutorials and resources on  below:

Office Skills Tutorials on Blog

Word Tutorials –

Excel Tutorials –

PowerPoint Tutorials –

Free  Microsoft Office Tutorials –

To take an office skills course of, visit the Office Skills Online Collaborative Classroom for available courses.


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