Telephone Etiquette E-learning CourseMany people do a wonderful job of managing the customer call but don’t know how to end the call professionally.  Did you know that ending the call is just as important as the initial greeting?  Recapping or summarizing what you have done for the customer helps to cut down on errors and informs the customer of what you are doing to handle their request.  It also gives the customer the opportunity to acknowledge and accept the solution.  Regardless of whether you have found a workable solution or not, always leave a positive lasting impression with your customer.  Let them know that you value them by acknowledging them and showing your appreciation.  Try the following:

Recap What You are Going to do and Gain the Customer Agreement:

Recap what you are going to do so the customer knows you’ve handled their request and that they are in agreement with what you’ve done.  If you have mis-interpreted the customer in any way, the customer will let you know at this time. Say something like:

“Bob, your order for the 64 GB Managed Disk Storage has been processed.  The additional storage will take effect at midnight tonight and will be billed at $9.99 a month.  Do you have a pen and paper handy so I can give you your order number?”

Thank the Customer for Calling your Business

After you have received the customer acknowledgement, finally, ask if you can help with anything else before thanking the customer for calling.  You could say something like:

“Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

If the customer responds with “No, that will be all“. You could then say:

“Again, my name is Jamie.  If you need to call back regarding your order, anyone in our sales department can help you by referencing the order number or your company name and address.  Thank-you for calling ABC Cloud Computing and have a great day.”

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