brochureLearn how to create an attractive brochure in Word that you can use for promotional purposes in your business.

In this tutorial you will learn to how to add and format graphic elements, such as shapes, pictures, and SmartArt to Word documents. You will also learn to insert and format text boxes, insert and format WordArt, apply page backgrounds with colors and add page borders to add interest to your design.

This tutorial can be done in either Word 2010 or 2013 and can be accessed at the end of this post.


Why use Shapes in my documents?:

Shapes allow you to create attractive flyers, brochures and Newsletters by adding interest and color to your designs.  Word gives you the ability to manipulate shapes as well as create exactly the shape you need.  You can also add text to shapes, style shapes, rotate shapes and place them anywhere on your document.   Once you learn how to use shapes, you can create a variety of interesting documents for your job or company.

Shapes are created from the Insert tab > Illustrations Group on the Ribbon. If you Click the Shape Button, you’ll see the full gallery of shapes.   There are many different types of shapes to choose from including lines, rectangles, basic shapes and block arrows.


Insert and Draw a Shape in Word

  1. Create a New Blank Document from the Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Click the Insert tab > Illustrations Group > Shapes button
  3. Click the Rectangle shape from the Recently Used section of the shapes gallery. You will see a cross hair appear.


4.  Start at the top left hand side of the blank document and click and drag in the document to draw a rectangle at the top of the document (about an inch in height)


What is SmartArt?

SmartArt is a diagramming tool in Word that allows you to create visual representations of information.  Your SmartArt graphics can be designed to match the look and feel of your documents or presentations and can be used to create process flows, cycle diagrams, pryamids and orgazational charts. SmartArt is also created from the Insert tab > Illustrations Group on the Ribbon. The following is an example of the Picture List SmartArt graphic used in the Create a Brochure tutorial.


Insert a SmartArt Graphic in Word

  1. Position the insertion point exactly where you want to insert your SmartArt graphic.
  2. Click on the Insert tab > Illustrations Group > SmartArt button on the Ribbon.
  3. Click the List category
  4. Scroll down and choose Vertical Picture List in the sixth row. Notice the description in the right hand pane
  5. Click the OK button. The SmartArt image will be inserted in your document.


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