When you’re tired at work, productivity levels tend to drop quickly. Lucky for you, there are ways to effectively fight back. This post highlights posture tips and office product trends to keep you ergonomically correct and refreshed. From sitting properly to taking short breaks, we’ve got you covered with the latest in ergonomic office wellness to combat our common enemy, fatigue.

Office comfort starts with good posture habits. Have you taken the time to analyze your seating position from the ground up? It only takes a minute! Don’t worry, we’ll help. First things first, check your feet placement.

If you’re using the base of your office chair as a foot rest, blood flow is restricted to the feet and fatigue will have a direct path into your work day. The solution is to keep your feet flat on the ground and facing forward. It’s simple, easy, and effective.

When computing at your desk, are you leaning forward and away from the back of your office chair to type? If so, you’re missing out on the key support need to fight fatigue. Keeping your back in contact with the chair at all times is a must. Stopping the urge to lurch forward might require adjusting the angle at which you sit by using the levers located underneath your chair.

Are you looking downward at your computer screen when operating at your workstation throughout the day? This puts a lot of strain on the neck and upper back. Thankfully, there’s a quick and free strategy that can get you over this common hurdle.

You’ll want to raise your monitors up to eye level. This can be done on the cheap with a shoe box or stack of books. If you want to invest in office ergonomics, an adjustable computer screen mounting system is the professional solution. We recommend those from reputable brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, and Mayline. They attach in minutes and provide exceptional versatility.

Workers often think that by doing less, fatigue will be easier to fight. This is not an effective strategy. Industry leading ergonomic brands have introduced adjustable sit to stand desks and surface attachments. They promote continuous movement in the workplace.

It’s smart to employ a sit to stand strategy that can be effectively used throughout your work day, especially if currently working 40 hours a week in a seated position. Studies have linked sitting for long period of time with cardiovascular issues, chronic conditions and even cancer. Once every hour, you need to stand up to stretch out those muscles. Doing so will make you feel refreshed as it gets the blood pumping. With a sit to stand station, you’ll be able to do just that without productivity levels dropping. Those considering the purchase of a sit to stand desktop riser like the 5100 model from OFM will notice the difference.

In truth, even with perfect posture and all the ergonomic gadgets you still need to take breaks from your office throughout the day. It’s a smart lifestyle strategy that is often considered an impossibility due to obligations of the job, but it shouldn’t be. Make it your wellness mission to get outside at least once a day for fresh air. Take a walk. Grab a water to stay hydrated. Spend a little time away from your workstation to keep fatigue at bay.

About the author:

Phillip Swindle is a furniture and design specialist with passion for creating innovative work environments built for productivity and healthy living. Phillip manages ecommerce blogs specializing in home and workplace office furniture where he regularly posts about office design trends. http://blog.officefurnituredeals.com/

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