Guest post by The Plant Man

One of the easiest ways to ensure you stay in good shape, even as you go through one file after the other, is to incorporate some indoor plants into your office environment. Other than the obvious health benefits these indoor plants bring with them, they also help in adding more life and color into your environment.

And what’s more is that adding some corporate greenery can also help you create those much needed separations between workplaces. Here are top 6 indoor plants that can help you get all these aforementioned benefits:

1: Jade Plant:

In Japan, this is the plant which is known for bringing financial success to whoever owns it. This small, succulent plant has beautiful flowers, and other than the legend associated with it, another reason the Jade Plant makes a good office plant is that it is super easy to maintain. It hardly requires watering.

2: Peace Lilly:

Other than requiring water, plants also need proper amounts of light. However, it is not always the case that your workplace has big enough windows to allow adequate amounts of light in. The good news is that even in such circumstances there are certain indoor plants which can thrive.

Peace Lilly is a perfect example of that. This large plant needs space, but not that much light. And it is great for cleaning the air.

3: Chinese Evergreen:

A similar plant like Peace Lilly in terms of maintenance needs, Chinese Evergreen is also a great option to consider for your office. Great for removing toxins from the air, Chinese Evergreen requires very little  water and light.

4: Snake Plant:

If you feel like your office could make room for some arrangements which would guarantee more privacy, this is the plant for you. The Snake Plant has leaves that grow super tall, super quick. These leaves have beautiful yellow-green bands on their outside. Since these leaves of this plant are naturally tall, place three to four Snake Plants together and you have yourself a natural partition!

5: Cactus:

Another great indoor plant option is that of Cactus. While they do not require to be watered that much, but they do need a good amount of light. So, if there are a couple of big windows near your desk, a Cactus plant is a good option. Another cool thing about these plants is that since there are available in so many different varieties, you can have a couple of them arranged near your window sill.

6: Spider Plant:

Do you feel like your office lacks visual appeal? Spider Plant can help you fix that. Often considered as one of the easiest to grow indoor plants, these plants can be put into hanging baskets. The hanging baskets along with the plants can then be hung around the office to create some beauty.

The important thing to keep in mind while selecting an indoor plant for your workplace is your workplace setting. You should select plants based on what is your office space like and how much time you can take out to maintain them.


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