Guest post by William Hinch

During our childhood years, our heads are filled with ambitions, dreams, and aspirations of what we might achieve in our adult years. But is the subject of those dreams the same for each generation? Has the rise of digital technology changed what younger generations of today aspire to be?

These were the questions TollFreeForwarding sought to answer in their recent survey of 2,000 Americans.

Five generations of public service aspirations

Despite the changing requirements placed on younger generations to modernize their skillset, the roles that we dream of one day undertaking have remained traditional.

When asked what their idea of the dream job was when they were a child, public service roles like teacher and doctors/nurse were the most popular. Other long-time aspirational positions, such as musician, actor, and sports star, also featured in the top five.

Dream job

Today, who we hold in the highest regard in our society is changing. The digital age has given rise to a whole new breed of celebrity, who use burgeoning social media and video game platforms to reach stardom.

Despite the temptation of becoming a social media influencer or blogger, younger generations still had a strong core of public service related dream jobs.  Alongside the likes of doctor/nurse and teacher, eSports Player was the third most popular dream job among Generation Z (aged 18-24).Dream job

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