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Choosing a chair for your office is simple, but selecting an office chair with all necessary features can be very tedious as there are many types of chairs available in the marketplace.

Before we go into all the different types of office chairs available, let’s take a look at some the features that you should be aware of before making your purchase.  These features will guarantee yourself or your employees greater comfort and may also help increase the productivity of your business.

Why the Right Chair Increases Productivity

Choosing the right type of office chair helps increase employee productivity by helping employees focus and concentrate on their work more effectively, thus ultimately resulting in an increase in your overall business productivity.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an employee, virtual assistant, business professional, visitor or a senior manager, it’s important that they feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting on the chair you provide them at your office.

How to Choose the right Office Chair

Before you purchase your office chair, be sure not to overlook the following features:

Lumbar Support: The first and foremost thing you need to note in an office chair is the lumbar support, as this provides the strongest support to your complete lower back muscles.

Arm Support: Pick an office chair with adjustable armrests, as they help to flip up and push upwards to relieve the pain in your neck and shoulders.

Tilt: Choosing an office chair with tilt adjustment can help you to change or adjust the seat angle as needed.

Swivel:   Having the ability to swivel in your office chair will help you rotate or move without moving the chair’s base.

Height Adjustment: With this feature, a person of any height can make use of the chair in an efficient way.

Paddle Control:  This feature gives you control over your knee and back tilt positions as well as for adjusting your seat height.

Backrest: This is one of the most important features in an office chair. The backrest will not only help to increase your blood circulation but may also help relieve the pressure on your lower back.

Casters: With this feature, it’s simple to move around to any of the places in your office easily.

Types of Office Chairs

Once you are aware of all the features, it’s much simpler to decide on the right type of chair for your office. There are many different types of office chairs available so before you decide, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is going to use the chair?
  • How long will the person use the chair each day?
  • Which chair can fit your office space perfectly?
  • What is your chair budget?
  • Does the chair suits your office interior and office type?
  • Will the chair work for your other rooms as well?

After you have the answered all the above questions, you’re ready to start selecting the right chair. Here are some types of office chairs that contain all of the above features.

Executive Chairs

This is the perfect chair for use in the corporate office environment or any professional waiting room used for senior and upper management.

Executive Office Chairs provide a professional look to your office space. They also tend to blend well with older office furniture. As they are made up of high-grade materials like leather and wood, they provide maximum guarantee for comfort and durability.

Executive chairs will also adapt to all the above-mentioned features like lumbar support, ergonomic design, padded controls, etc., and are therefore often described as the best chair to be used in the workplace. While they tend to be expensive, they have been noted as worth the investment in the long run.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chairThis chair will provide a relaxed seating environment for your employees and has been known to reduce many types of body pains.   This type of chair is also particularly valuable during long work sessions as it allows employees to focus on their work more effectively, which in return may result in increased productivity.

Apart from posture, these type of chairs have been known to provide a wealth of health benefits to employees including proper regulation of blood flow and reduced  frequency of common issues such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Guest/ Reception Chairs

This chair would be a great choice for a waiting room or reception area as it’s important that you provide a comfortable chair for your guests and visitors.  This would have an overall positive impact on you and your company.  A guest chair is part of your companys’ all important “first impression”.

There are many different types of guest chairs available but if you need one for senior management or other business professionals, then you’ll need to choose a guest chair with an ergonomic design for ultimate image and comfort.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are meant for meeting places so you’ll need to ensure the person in your meeting can sit comfortably and in a relaxed position so they are able to focus and listen to the meeting effectively.

Conference chairs tend to very stylish and comfortable with all the necessary features like castor wheels, height adjustment, padded support, flip up arms, lumbar support, swivel, etc. While these chairs can be costly, the investment may be worth it in the long run if it increases productivity and provides satisfaction to your clients.

Boss Chairs

As the name implies, these chairs are especially preferred for the top management staff in your office. You can identify a boss chair just by the design itself as they tend to be completely unique from other type of office chairs.

These chairs are expensive, yet are considered to be worth the investment. These chairs communicate power, status and thus play a major role in increasing business productivity due to all the advanced features and comfort they provide. In addition, the high-grade quality material used, frame look and the ergonomic design make them attractive and professional looking.

Bottom Line…

It pays to invest some of your valuable time in choosing the best type of chair for your office, as they play such an important role, not only in your customers and employee’s health and morale, but also in increasing your business productivity.

Authors Bio:  Lorenzo Harper is a blogger at and owns a furniture shop in Georgia. In his blog, he writes about various types of chairs and other furniture.



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