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The Importance of A Well Designed Office

By Kathryn Morris, Lifestyle Blogger

If you work in an office environment, you probably spend upward of eight hours every day sitting in front of a monitor gnawing away at tasks. Besides the physical strain to your back and neck muscles (from sitting in the same position for hours), office work can also be very mentally draining. In fact, without the right office layout, every new working day can leave you feeling more mentally drained than the previous one. A well-designed office, on the other hand can have a significant positive impact on your productivity as well as that of your employees.

A good office layout which provides your employees with quick and easy access to everything they require makes them more efficient and productive since time is not wasted on procuring these office resources. Making the office space comfortable and visually appealing can also increase the morale of your employees and make them more motivated at work. It goes without saying that motivated employees perform better at work than those lacking in it. Furthermore, if your business frequently receives visits from clients, a well-designed office will make a strong impression on them and may even motivate them to refer your business to potential clients.

There are a good number of ways in which you can spruce up your office. However, the work can be very time consuming so you may need to hire specialist interior designers to achieve best results in a shorter timeline. Here are a few ways you can improve the design and efficiency of your office space.

Creative Use Of Colour

With the right colour-scheme combinations you can greatly enhance the design of your office space without spending too much. For best results, cover all the walls with the same colour of paint or if you’re feeling particularly daring and experimental you can have a contrasting colour on one of the walls to accent the others. Bright colours work best for office walls since they give off an inspirational, cheery vibe which will energize and motivate your employees.

Comfortable Office Furniture

Even for the most motivated employee, uncomfortable chairs and desks put a strain on their muscles which is very difficult to ignore and may actually hinder their performance in the office. When purchasing office furniture, invest in sturdy chairs with good back support and comfortable seats and arm rests. If they are adjustable, even better. A rule of thumb for office desks is that they should be big enough to hold your employees’ work stations and small enough to fit in the office without taking up all the space. Also, consider working with bold colours for the office furniture, as this will add to the contrast and make them stand out.

Add Plants To The Office Interior Décor

Most people already grow plants at home for aesthetic value. You can likewise add some colourful potted plants in the office to improve the ambience and give your employees and visiting clients a homely feel in the office. If your office is located in a place where natural light cannot properly reach plants to allow them to grow properly, you can instead work with artificial plants which will achieve more or less the same results.
Fertile Frog office


Untidy offices are often one of the biggest hindrance to performance and creativity for most employees. Ideas don’t flow naturally when one has a huge pile of clutter on their work station and around their desk. Ensure all your office works stations are tidied up and all pieces of unusable paper and other clutter are disposed of. You can also digitize all your storage of files in order to be more efficient on space and reduce office clutter.

Having a well-designed office space that puts these ideas in practice will greatly increase your employees’ performance which will translate into results for your business. Try them out today to maximize the potential of your office space.
By Kathryn Morris, Lifestyle Blogger

Simple Ideas for Designing your Small Office Space

Trying to design your small office space for a new home business or study area can be daunting. With some clever use of space – you can make any small office space look like a dream to work in.

We often think that the smaller the space the less imaginative you can be with said space. This is where friends, family or a trusted friend known for their good deco skills may come in handy. By using their knowledge and perspective they just might be the key to helping you plan your own small office deco.

Fortunately for you, we have put a guide together to make designing your small office space a walk in the park. Here is our guide to a variety of ideas for designing your small office space

Build up, not wide

It’s extremely temping to make use of all the space available, however this can only make your office space appear even smaller than it already is. Why not try building or stacking a series of shelves to store your files, or stack small side drawers for your stationary and other miscellaneous pieces?

Contrasting functions

Noticed a split wall with a reasonably sized space on the other side? Why not double up this space with a small office and use the colors that already exist in the main room? Not only will this make decorating a breeze, but the efficient use of space means you won’t have to worry about freeing up extra room elsewhere.

Furniture Revival

If you find yourself not using a neglected corner or dining table, these pieces of furniture just might be the right places to lay down your laptop and fit in a comfortable chair. This goes for neglected rooms or a meter or two of space that you can squeeze a comfortable working station in to.

A Quiet Corner

designing a small home office spaceIf you’ve got a corner free in the house then there’s no better idea than pushing a small desk and chair into this area. A small shelf or chest of drawers will also fill the space nicely for your newly formed corner office. Bonus points if this corner is paired with a window for a great office view, making it the perfect retreat to get some work done.

Bio:  Modern Garden Rooms are a premier garden room design company offering bespoke, ergonomic solutions at excellent value. We aid from everything in the initial stages of planning all the way through to installation of your garden room. From start to finish, you’ll experience a streamlined process that is uniquely transparent and highly collaborative.


More People than Ever Reaping the Rewards of Working from Home

Guest post by Jenny Holt

For anyone who has to put up with the time, cost and stress of the daily commute, only to spend the day being distracted by water cooler gossip and an over-officious micro manager, the idea of working from home seems like paradise. Well, for a growing number of Americans, heaven is a place on earth, as the era of the remote worker really does seem to be upon us.

According to the latest research, more than 3 million Americans work predominantly from home, a statistic that is rising dramatically year on year. The latest technologies in cloud-based systems mean that we have access to shared resources and document archives from anywhere in the world. So, is teleworking really as perfect as it seems? We take a look at some of the benefits and the pitfalls of remote working.

Saving money all round

With increasing fuel costs, the daily commute costs the average American almost $3,000 per year. And that is before you consider the stress and time of sitting in rush-hour traffic twice every day.

But it is not just the home worker who can save money. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the whole concept of the office as a luxury they can do without, resulting in huge cost savings through reduced management time and overheads.

A balanced life

When you step back and look at it, the whole concept of starting work at 9am and finishing at 5pm seems out of place in today’s 24/7 global economy. As a home worker, you can work the hours that suit you. Early bird? Perfect, put in a couple of hours work then take a time out to enjoy breakfast with the kids and do the school run, before returning to your home office.

Getting the balance right takes discipline, though. Personal and business commitments can start to compete with one another for your time, and neither your boss nor your family will appreciate being in second place.

Focused and engaged

The nation’s teleworkers are more engaged and productive, according to a 2015 study by the Society for Human Resource Management. Intuitively, that makes sense. You are more likely to soldier on and get some work done if you are feeling unwell, and there are generally fewer distractions than in a busy office environment.

As with most aspects of homeworking, there is a balance to everything. Some people find that they miss the bustle of the office, and feel cut off from the business. Ultimately, it is up to you to make sure you manage your time and commitments to enjoy the full benefits that the 21st century remote office has to offer.

5 Types of Office Chairs that Increases your Business Productivity

Guest post by Lorenzo Harper

Choosing a chair for your office is simple, but selecting an office chair with all necessary features can be very tedious as there are many types of chairs available in the marketplace.

Before we go into all the different types of office chairs available, let’s take a look at some the features that you should be aware of before making your purchase.  These features will guarantee yourself or your employees greater comfort and may also help increase the productivity of your business.

Why the Right Chair Increases Productivity

Choosing the right type of office chair helps increase employee productivity by helping employees focus and concentrate on their work more effectively, thus ultimately resulting in an increase in your overall business productivity.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an employee, virtual assistant, business professional, visitor or a senior manager, it’s important that they feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting on the chair you provide them at your office.

How to Choose the right Office Chair

Before you purchase your office chair, be sure not to overlook the following features:

Lumbar Support: The first and foremost thing you need to note in an office chair is the lumbar support, as this provides the strongest support to your complete lower back muscles.

Arm Support: Pick an office chair with adjustable armrests, as they help to flip up and push upwards to relieve the pain in your neck and shoulders.

Tilt: Choosing an office chair with tilt adjustment can help you to change or adjust the seat angle as needed.

Swivel:   Having the ability to swivel in your office chair will help you rotate or move without moving the chair’s base.

Height Adjustment: With this feature, a person of any height can make use of the chair in an efficient way.

Paddle Control:  This feature gives you control over your knee and back tilt positions as well as for adjusting your seat height.

Backrest: This is one of the most important features in an office chair. The backrest will not only help to increase your blood circulation but may also help relieve the pressure on your lower back.

Casters: With this feature, it’s simple to move around to any of the places in your office easily.

Types of Office Chairs

Once you are aware of all the features, it’s much simpler to decide on the right type of chair for your office. There are many different types of office chairs available so before you decide, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is going to use the chair?
  • How long will the person use the chair each day?
  • Which chair can fit your office space perfectly?
  • What is your chair budget?
  • Does the chair suits your office interior and office type?
  • Will the chair work for your other rooms as well?

After you have the answered all the above questions, you’re ready to start selecting the right chair. Here are some types of office chairs that contain all of the above features.

Executive Chairs

This is the perfect chair for use in the corporate office environment or any professional waiting room used for senior and upper management.

Executive Office Chairs provide a professional look to your office space. They also tend to blend well with older office furniture. As they are made up of high-grade materials like leather and wood, they provide maximum guarantee for comfort and durability.

Executive chairs will also adapt to all the above-mentioned features like lumbar support, ergonomic design, padded controls, etc., and are therefore often described as the best chair to be used in the workplace. While they tend to be expensive, they have been noted as worth the investment in the long run.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chairThis chair will provide a relaxed seating environment for your employees and has been known to reduce many types of body pains.   This type of chair is also particularly valuable during long work sessions as it allows employees to focus on their work more effectively, which in return may result in increased productivity.

Apart from posture, these type of chairs have been known to provide a wealth of health benefits to employees including proper regulation of blood flow and reduced  frequency of common issues such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Guest/ Reception Chairs

This chair would be a great choice for a waiting room or reception area as it’s important that you provide a comfortable chair for your guests and visitors.  This would have an overall positive impact on you and your company.  A guest chair is part of your companys’ all important “first impression”.

There are many different types of guest chairs available but if you need one for senior management or other business professionals, then you’ll need to choose a guest chair with an ergonomic design for ultimate image and comfort.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs are meant for meeting places so you’ll need to ensure the person in your meeting can sit comfortably and in a relaxed position so they are able to focus and listen to the meeting effectively.

Conference chairs tend to very stylish and comfortable with all the necessary features like castor wheels, height adjustment, padded support, flip up arms, lumbar support, swivel, etc. While these chairs can be costly, the investment may be worth it in the long run if it increases productivity and provides satisfaction to your clients.

Boss Chairs

As the name implies, these chairs are especially preferred for the top management staff in your office. You can identify a boss chair just by the design itself as they tend to be completely unique from other type of office chairs.

These chairs are expensive, yet are considered to be worth the investment. These chairs communicate power, status and thus play a major role in increasing business productivity due to all the advanced features and comfort they provide. In addition, the high-grade quality material used, frame look and the ergonomic design make them attractive and professional looking.

Bottom Line…

It pays to invest some of your valuable time in choosing the best type of chair for your office, as they play such an important role, not only in your customers and employee’s health and morale, but also in increasing your business productivity.

Authors Bio:  Lorenzo Harper is a blogger at and owns a furniture shop in Georgia. In his blog, he writes about various types of chairs and other furniture.



Aiming for a Cleaner, Healthier Office Environment

Guest post by The Plant Man

One of the easiest ways to ensure you stay in good shape, even as you go through one file after the other, is to incorporate some indoor plants into your office environment. Other than the obvious health benefits these indoor plants bring with them, they also help in adding more life and color into your environment.

And what’s more is that adding some corporate greenery can also help you create those much needed separations between workplaces. Here are top 6 indoor plants that can help you get all these aforementioned benefits:

1: Jade Plant:

In Japan, this is the plant which is known for bringing financial success to whoever owns it. This small, succulent plant has beautiful flowers, and other than the legend associated with it, another reason the Jade Plant makes a good office plant is that it is super easy to maintain. It hardly requires watering.

2: Peace Lilly:

Other than requiring water, plants also need proper amounts of light. However, it is not always the case that your workplace has big enough windows to allow adequate amounts of light in. The good news is that even in such circumstances there are certain indoor plants which can thrive.

Peace Lilly is a perfect example of that. This large plant needs space, but not that much light. And it is great for cleaning the air.

3: Chinese Evergreen:

A similar plant like Peace Lilly in terms of maintenance needs, Chinese Evergreen is also a great option to consider for your office. Great for removing toxins from the air, Chinese Evergreen requires very little  water and light.

4: Snake Plant:

If you feel like your office could make room for some arrangements which would guarantee more privacy, this is the plant for you. The Snake Plant has leaves that grow super tall, super quick. These leaves have beautiful yellow-green bands on their outside. Since these leaves of this plant are naturally tall, place three to four Snake Plants together and you have yourself a natural partition!

5: Cactus:

Another great indoor plant option is that of Cactus. While they do not require to be watered that much, but they do need a good amount of light. So, if there are a couple of big windows near your desk, a Cactus plant is a good option. Another cool thing about these plants is that since there are available in so many different varieties, you can have a couple of them arranged near your window sill.

6: Spider Plant:

Do you feel like your office lacks visual appeal? Spider Plant can help you fix that. Often considered as one of the easiest to grow indoor plants, these plants can be put into hanging baskets. The hanging baskets along with the plants can then be hung around the office to create some beauty.

The important thing to keep in mind while selecting an indoor plant for your workplace is your workplace setting. You should select plants based on what is your office space like and how much time you can take out to maintain them.